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Transforming Productivity and Ergonomics in Manufacturing through Additive Manufacturing

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Transforming Productivity and Ergonomics in Manufacturing through Additive Manufacturing


  1. 1. Realize some of the untapped direct and indirect benefits of the use of Additive Manufacturing in a production environment.
  2. 2. Gain understanding of the potential impact that Additive Manufacturing can have in providing ergonomic solutions in productivity, efficiency, and increased personal value.

I will be presenting some of the benefits attributed to supporting manufacturing production personnel through the use of Additive Manufacturing. Specifically, how an employer can benefit both directly, and indirectly, by implementing an initiative to provide assistive aids and ergonomic solutions to employees with, or without, a disability or handicap. I will also present data as furnished by the Department of Labor and Industry that validates the initiative. Businesses are adopting additive manufacturing methodologies at an ever-increasing rate in order to remain competitive and at the forefront of their industry. However, by relying on advances in these technologies alone to improve efficiencies and increase productivity, a company’s most valuable production resource, the assembly operators and production employees, can often remain untapped. By applying a more sympathetic and comprehensive application of these technologies directly to the shop floor personnel, ‘Empathy in Engineering’ increases benefits far beyond what the bottom line would measure.

As a secondary topic within my presentation, I will offer examples of how business may leverage the use of advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing, to support STEM projects within local schools.

This topic will serve to be an inspiration to employers that are seeking innovative ways to improve employee morale, as well as increase productivity. I will present how many current users of additive manufacturing methods are under utilizing the capacity and capabilities of their tools (printers), and how they can better utilize the technology.

For companies that have not yet adopted Additive Manufacturing, I believe that a major take away of the presentation will be that the investment will quickly pay for itself many times over.   Additionally, I will be presenting case studies to support my position.

George Allman | Transforming Productivity and Ergonomics in Manufacturing through Additive Manufacturing, Liberty Electronics®

Allman, George

Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor at Liberty Electronics

George has over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing, engineering, and business development in Military, Aerospace, and commercial markets. With the advent of additive manufacturing and 3D printing, George has developed innovative ways to apply this new technology to the production floor. Specifically aiding and supporting accommodations to assembly operators with disabilities. George’s work was featured in the March 2018 edition of Additive Manufacturing Magazine, as well as numerous technical briefs within the industry. He is a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, serves as an advisor/mentor to local STEM student groups, and is a frequent speaker and contributor at various events within the Additive Manufacturing community.

Prior to his current position as a Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor at Liberty Electronics in Franklin Pennsylvania, George and his wife owned and operated Comtex Industries based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  George attended the University of Pittsburgh and Robert Morris College in the study of Business Administration and Management, and is a graduate of Clarion University’s Venango Vision Regional Leadership Institute