Skilled Engineers With an Innovative Approach

At Liberty Electronics®, our engineering department can work with you from prototype to production. Our skilled engineers have been expertly trained and educated in:

  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD design
  • Autodesk files
  • CAD 3D diagrams
  • Oracle Agile ERP
  • IT Investment
  • UniGraphics NX
  • PTC
  • Catia
  • Value engineering & analysis.

Liberty’s engineers are also equipped to develop process instructions utilizing video and computerized pictorial imaging. The decision to collaborate with our engineers during the design process can assist customers in achieving top quality, consistent reliability, on-time delivery, and cost improvements.

Liberty Electronics 1 | Engineering, Liberty Electronics®

If concepts and requirements are available of your assembly needs, we welcome the opportunity to review them with you, at your convenience.

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