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Light Rail Industry

Outlook and Challenges for Manufacturers

There’s never been a more urgent need for effective light rail systems. The appeal of light rail to commuters has always been its convenience, efficiency, and cost – riding the trolley or metro has long been an intrinsic part of urban dwellers’ daily lives. And light rail doesn’t just benefit the individual commuter.

Light rail systems help to reduce roadway congestion and improve air quality, while providing safe and affordable transportation for hundreds of thousands of people every day. As governments consider the environmental impact of public transportation, light rail has emerged as an attractive option.

A 2019 IEA report indicates that rail systems transport 8% of the world’s passengers, while accounting for just 2% of the world’s total transport energy demand. As urban centers continue to grow, the light rail industry is projected to grow as well, as city and regional planners look for cheaper, energy-efficient alternatives to underground railways, and commuters seek more appealing modes of public transportation than buses or taxis.

These benefits translate into greater demand for light rail manufacturers who can produce quality rail cars that are dependable and keep pace with technologies and innovations in the commuter rail industry. While such demand is good for manufacturers, it also brings ongoing challenges, especially when it comes to working with various suppliers.

These are but a few of the considerations rail manufacturers have to consider when selecting the right suppliers. The right supplier is a critical factor in ensuring a successful light rail project.

Source: International Energy Agency

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Articles on Quality and Design for Light Rail

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An Experienced Light Rail Supplier

Light rail manufacturers need experienced, proven suppliers who are equally committed to ensuring the successful delivery of the final rail product. Liberty Electronics is just such a partner who has consistently demonstrated their commitment by offering innovative design input and quality components delivered on time to those they serve in the light rail industry.

Liberty Electronics puts great effort into processes and equipment that foster innovation while ensuring quality. Watch the video below to see just one example of how we do this.


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Light Rail Program Experience

  • R142/R143
  • R160
  • BART
  • Acela
  • Calgary
  • Salt Lake City
  • Taipei

Light Rail Components

  • Mail Electrical Locker
  • Driver’s Control Panel
  • Electrical Panels
  • Trucks
  • Speed Sensors
  • Sensor Cables
  • Power Cables
  • Traction Inverter
  • Communications
  • Pantograph
  • Toronto
  • New Jersey
  • ECAM
  • Tren Urbano
  • Los Angeles
  • Boston
  • Dallas
  • Pittsburgh

Panel Assemblies

  • Circuit Breaker Panels
  • Relay Panels
  • Rack Assemblies

To see a full list of light rail programs Liberty has participated in, go here. For questions about these and other programs, please contact our dedicated light rail team, Landon Schamberg, Troy West, or George Allman.

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Your Dedicated Liberty Team

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Troy West – Program Manager

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George Allman – Engineer

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